Crash Bang Booom Productions & Studio is a small but mighty facility located in Milton Washington, 12 miles north of Tacoma and 28 miles south of Seattle. CBB is a private studio and can only be accessed by appointment. Give us a call or shoot us an email so we can show ya what we’re up to and to see the facility.

The vision at CBB is to provide your song the best possible of all worlds in musical art, production, and sound.


We provide the artists with an inspirational environment that promotes great music with great sound and a fun vibe. Since our opening, we’re recording projects for Tin Man, Raymond Hayden, The Moss Brothers Band, The Lush Tones, Karl Thurmond, Sevens Revenge, Grieve The Astronaut, Girls Love Rockets, Darby Picnic, and Limberlost just to name a few. Check out our  clients page  to see what people are saying about CBB.

We specialize in all aspects of the recording and production process, recording, editing, and mixing. We work with just about any genre of music and specialize in all forms of rock and Americana. We like to work from a pre/post-production point of view so we can provide the best possible production for your song.

Meet the peeps

DaveDavid Mark
Owner, Producer, Engineer

David Mark has a great relationship both on and off line with all the artists he works with. He is the studio owner as well as an engineer and producer. Have a chat with David to discuss your project and to work out the details.


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