Chris”Crash Bang Boom is the perfect place to get your project off and running! Great people, great gear, and professional skills and attitude that will help you get your songs down the way you intended them to be…but even better. And with Dave at the helm, you can’t go wrong. We highly recommend C.B.B., and you will, too!”
Chris Tussing
Flat Hat Productions, LLC

Ray“Over the past 35 years in the music business, I’ve recorded three solo albums and performed as a guest on over 20 additional albums. I’m currently recording my fourth solo album at CRASH, BANG, BOOM STUDIOS and have never experienced this level of professionalism as well as sound quality. Every artist’s expectations are different, but the one thing most of us have in common is that we want a “live” sound. Their “old school married to new school” tools and philosophy are the key to their ability to capture the true essence of my initial vision. I highly recommend recording here if you want to get great sound…stay true to YOUR vision and finally, have a product that is relevant to the other top notch releases in the current market. You can’t afford to not record here!”
Raymond Hayden
CEO, MTF Record

AndrewIf you are looking to record something, David Mark is THE guy to do it for you! I’ve never been so excited for something to be released – even more so than my first time ever in a recording studio! Can’t wait for everyone to hear this one!!!
Andrew Duncan Gamcow

RussComfortable, relaxed environment with no ticking clocks.
Russ Parrish


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